Heather Sellers - Spike and Cubby's Ice Cream Island Adventure. PDF

PDF The great giant ice cream cone was visible across Torch Lake. In the distance, Ice Cream Island sparkled, so new and shiny, so beautiful and pink.

A dogs-at-sea adventure filled with turbulence, friendship, and plenty of ice cream!

Spike and Cubby are the best of friends. They are also a working dog team: Cubby is a writer with no time for interruptions, and Spike's an illustrator with a knack for distracting. But when the distraction is the amazing Ice Cream Island-specializing in Spumoni Baloney Grande-what dog can resist? This playful adventure proves that friendship can weather more than a bit of rough-and-tumble, and especially that a little distraction (and a yummy treat) can lead to inspiration.

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