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PDF I think that The Dragonslayer’s Apprentice by David Calder is an exciting book.The main character, Jackie, is a 15-year old girl who loves action. She is not afraid of any creature, witch, or other danger that she may meet on her adventures. I thought that reading this book was exciting and I would definitely recommend it to people who like action and adventure. Besides being an exciting read I also thought the book was very easy to read, I read it over a couple of weeks but I actually think that you could easily read it in a few days if you read it a lot. The best thing about The Dragonslayer’s Apprentice was that it was really funny, this book really made me laugh. However, it was a bit predictable; the dragonslayer slays the dragon etc. No big surprises, therefor it wasn't that exciting.

Cassius Mohapi
Rating: ***

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