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PDF First, let me say that I wasn't able to put down "Tracking Shadows" once I started reading it.It is a book that immediately interested me because I had to get my head around the film noir atmosphere with the tinge of a science fiction addition.I loved it from the first paragraph.

Regan Black has the mind and hand of a Mickey Spillane on steroids.I couldn't stop reading her sassy lines from characters that grabbed me like a steel wrench.Her anti heroine, Trina, is the alpha woman we dream of, beautiful and strong in a man's world, but sensitive, and carrying around that emptiness that the love of life can only fill.She's scarred by the loss of her childhood sweetheart, the only person who made her feel safe from a family who mistreated and beat her down emotionally.As and adult, she finds the physical and intellectual outlet for her emptiness and her psychic gifts by becoming an A+ assassin bent on revenge for those who killed Joel, that childhood friend.

Joel has become Slick Mickey, the biggest gangster smuggler in Chicago, with a staff of "mules" who distribute contriband to those who pay for it in secret.The title of Slick Mickey is coveted by gangster rivals, and assassins are recruited to knock Mickey out of his seat of power.With technologies and gifts of his own culled from the 2096 futuristic discoveries, Slick Mickey is able to maintain a fortress of security, and a family loyal to his secure and family-like ways.There appears to be a soft center at the heart of this mobster boss who only deals in sugar, coffee and cigarettes, and not drugs and dangerous contraband unlawful to the futuristic government.

It is through the impact of Trina and Slick Mickey's ill-fated reunion that we experience the tension of love and hate on the characters.They are wonderfully and richly developed.Each of them are characters who seem alive and emotive people; they kept me in mind of a younger Russell Crowe, and a Scarlet Johansen couple.Tough and tender...

The technological components of this book are subtle and don't overtake the story which was refreshing for one who isn't quite capable of understanding all the nuances of that sort of thing.There was just enough to keep a novice interested, maybe a little more than that, but not enough to make one set aside the book in frustration.

Ms Black has written quite a few books in the 2096 timeframe, which is of great interest to me now that she's gotten me started!I'm going to be looking for her books and reading them in sequence.I like her writing style.

Regan Black has a certain edgy quality to her writing.She writes like an old "beat" reporter in a way.It's just awesome to read.If you're a fan of old 1940's detective novels, or if you like film noir..."The Postman Always Rings Twice" or "The Black Dahlia,"I believe you'll like "Tracking Shadows."It's not that the book is so much like those I mention above in's just that flavor kick that's so unusual, I predict you'll want to come back for more.

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