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PDF Józef Maria Bocheński (born 30 august 1902 in Czuszw, Poland - 1995) was a Polish dominican, logician and philosopher. After taking part in the 1920 campaign against Bolshevik Russia, he took up legal studies in Lww, then he studied economy in Poznań. Having received his doctorate in philosophy (studied in Freiburg, 1928-1931) and theology (Rome, 1931-1934), he lectured in logic at the Collegium Angelicum in Rome (until 1940). During World War II he served as a chaplain for Polish forces fighting in the September campaign (1939) taken prisoner of war, he escaped the Germans and reached Rome. He joined the Polish army and served as chaplain first in France, and then in England. Fought as a soldier in 1944, in the Italian campaign of the II Corps at Monte Cassino. In 1945 he received the chair of history of twentieth-century philosophy at the Freiburg University (of which he was Rector in 1964-1966); he founded and ran the Institute of Eastern Europe in Freiburg, published the journal Studies in Soviet Thought and a book series concerned with the foundations of the Marxists philosophy (Sovietica). Bocheski served as consultant to several governments: West Germany (under K. Adenauer), South Africa, USA, Argentina, and Switzerland. Before 1989 none of his works had been published officially in Poland.

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