Barbara Geiger - Coral Were His Bones (Tempest trilogy, #1). PDF

PDF Finn grew up knowing selkie stories end in tragedy. Being a mythical shape-shifting seal leaves you vulnerable to having your heart stolen in a much more literal way than most. Finn should know; working for and sleeping with his cruel master has been his life for a decade. He’d grown up ready to spend the rest of his preternaturally long life with Devon, the boy next door, but now Finn’s more dead than alive, trapped in his memories of what was with no room for dreams of what could have been.

Devon knows if Finn goes back to his master after his one annual day off, he's as good as dead. But Devon’s plan to save him isn’t fully formed yet. An impossible storm, an ancient one-eyed shark and a mysterious selkie with his own agenda all chase Finn and Devon up the coastline. Getting home alive is the first step in dealing with an ancient curse, but they both need to learn that it is better to trust the other than sacrifice themselves. Finn has gotten used to losing, and his worst buried memories are just surfacing now. In the time he has with Devon, can he gather his strength to save himself?

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