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Low fat salad dressing recipes included!

Have you always wanted to take your boyfriend’s breath away with your
cooking skills? Have you ever wondered what might be the necessary
addition to your cooked meals or on your dinner table that was missing
all along? Well, this book is your chance to find out! And it’s nothing more
than a collection of the most delicious home-made salad dressings!
Here you will learn all the secrets about a tasty salad dressing that not only
add amazing aroma but awesome taste to any salad!
Prepared in the blink of an eye, yet spent like… a penny, and there you are!
Your salad is ready to be enjoyed!
Read carefully, choose wisely and happy whisking!!
Do you wish to whip up a fat-free dressing, or a sweet one, or maybe a very
hot and spicy one? Browse through these pages and choose from a variety
of salad dressing recipes divided into traditional cooking countries, like Italy
and Greece and pick the ones you know or tasted, or be daring and take your
taste buds on a world-wide flavor expedition!
This book is definitely going to change the flavor of your every-day meals!
This salad dressing bible will make you look not only as if you are an experienced
chef, but also a much more lovable mum or dad, a desirable wife or husband,
or a daughter with flair or even a son with many talents!
Going in your kitchen will be an adventure and a delightful challenge from now on!
Be the chef you’ve always wanted to be by downloading this copy today!
What you’ll find inside:
A vegetable discussion!Which tools are best for the job?Little big secrets about dressingsA large collection of salad dressing recipes inspired in France, Italy, Greece, etc.Carefully selected recipes for low fat vinaigrettes
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