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PDF A nice (very) short read!
I'm going to reread this one, it deserves a few more words in a review.
Ok, here it goes, first I have discovered I like Dallas Coleman's stories, there is something about the way they are written that works for me, maybe the understated emotions that still come through very clearly.
This story is short, like really really short, and I can see where some people will not like it, since it is about an established couple that has broken up and you only get a few hours and one POV.
Nick is a barista and loves his job, he is working towards buying the place in the next few years, he broke up with his lover with whom he shared a house, five weeks ago.
His lover Lee is a doctor, and although it isn't clearly said, we get the feeling everything else was a priority for Lee, everything except Nick that is.
But what can you do? Nick loves the guy and still meets him for hook-ups, he knows he should move on, but he can't, not yet.
An accident brings them together and Lee overhears a conversation that opens his eyes. Now, could Lee have maybe had that conversation with Nick sometime in the past, like when he moved out? Yes, he should have. Could Nick have spoken up and made his feelings and wishes clearer? For sure.
But there is something about this story that speaks to me, and even if I wished for more ( you should all know by now I am very greedy) I still felt content, happy and hopeful at the end of this.

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