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PDF This eBook is a condensed version of the softcover book, “Wacky Sentences Handwriting Workbook,” by Julie Harper. This eBook is designed to offer cursive handwriting practice in the following way: Students read the wacky sentences on the eReader, and then copy them onto a sheet of paper. The wacky sentences get the students interested in learning, and the students develop their cursive handwriting skills as they practice copying the sentences.

Students will enjoy writing wacky sentences like, “Our teacher kissed a lizard,” or, “The giraffe crawled under the elephant.” The goal of this eBook is to make learning fun.

Although this eBook does require paper, it does offer some advantages: (1) Even after supplying the paper, the eBook price is a good value compared to a softcover workbook. (2) Students love to use their parents’ electronic devices, so even though they are really doing school work, they will enjoy the experience of using technology. (3) Students can write and rewrite any sentence repeatedly, so the practice is unlimited.

However, it is not possible to trace over letters in an eBook. The main advantage of the softcover edition is that students can practice tracing over the cursive letters. Therefore, this eBook is geared toward students who already have some practice tracing cursive letters, but who could benefit from some practice with copying cursive sentences without tracing.

Basic three-hole punched lined notebook paper could be used if the letters are written over two consecutive white lines. The thin blue lines above, below, and between them will mimic the three traditional horizontal lines of cursive writing paper.

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