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PDF Elizabeth Bear refers to herself as a "genre pirate," and this is clear in this collection of her early short works.The two poems are the weakest pieces, and the stories range from modern cyberpunk to high fantasy.It is evident from the stories that her style was developing during this period, as many of the individual pieces are hit or miss, but the overall feeling of the collection is one of a writer whose craft is emerging.Some are experiments in voice or form, and others are trail runs for characters or worlds which she will later expand into novels.

Therein lie the two problems with the collection.Many of these stories feel rushed, as though they would benefit from becoming novels and being given room to run.Bear is, in her heart, a novelist and the short story form is too restrictive by far.And, as is often the case with experiments, sometimes they don't quite work.When the stories hit, they are brilliant, when they miss, they are merely good.In the end, this is a good read for any Bear fan, but not the best introduction to her work.

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