Joe McKinney - Apocalypse of the Dead (Dead World, #2). PDF

PDF I love a good zombie story as much as the next person, BUT this book failed in almost every way for me.In my opinion the author failed to find a way for the reader to connect with his characters.By the time I got to page 160, I literally put the book down because I simply didn't care what happened anymore.Every other chapter we were intoduced to more new characters, while the ones we just read about were held in a long holding pattern until they drop back in out of the blue.

The zombies themselves are just the token plot mover.In one scene everyone can run effortlessly between them and in the next they are savagely taking people out.Another thing I didn't care for was how people just happened to know things they shouldn't have known (I won't give any examples due to spoilers).

While some of the author's actual writing isn't bad, at times it feels forced and overly embellished.I would only recommend this book to someone who absolutely LOVES zombies. If you are looking for a good book however, definitely skip this one.

(Where the heck did Barnes keep getting all of those bullets anyway?Richardson ran out of his bullets rather quickly, but Barnes kept firing, and firing, and firing, and he's probably still firing right now.)Sorry about the rant, just had to get it off of my chest.

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