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PDF Parts of this book were boring...too many numbers!Do we really need to know the exact specifications of the two kinds of binoculars used?Overall, however, it was interesting and informative.I did not know the amount of U-boat activity off the East Coast and in th Gulf of Mexico!When the author explained life on the submarine or the attacks on Allied shipping, the book was well-written and kept my attention.Gannon made an excellent case blaming many deaths on Admiral King and the American command -I mean, lack of command.Just a few simple, common-sense decisions made differently would have saved many lives, not only those of the men who died but of people who suffered due to the shipping cargo lost.Gannon has an extensive bibliography and some of the footnotes were interesting reading as well.I am amazed that the Allies won WWII, given the idiocy going on in the upper levels of command.There were a few photographs but they did not reproduce well, unfortunately.

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