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PDF Freedom and Human Nature moves toward an understanding of human nature, particularly as this relates to questions of freedom, and explores how the question of freedom relates to the human condition: if there is an impulse to be free, how might a striving for freedom be rooted, and how might that striving play out in the real world?In order to establish a working definition of human nature, and of freedom, Morgan first peruses the existing literature on the question of freedom. Because it is crucial to understand the human being not just in the abstract, but in the world of lived reality, he then turns his attention to the individual in the context of society and social institutions, and in the workplace: what is the nature of these relationships; how do they relate to freedom and/or the lack of it; and how do we respond?

Morgan believes that while capitalism and state socialism both appear to relate to freedom problematically, anarchism seems to be an ideology most consistent with the concept of the free human individual. In order to test this theory, he examines the experiences of the anarchist collectives and militias in the Spanish Civil War: how do they relate to the present day; and what relevance does the Spanish experience have for modern society?

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