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PDF You may have played daily fantasy football or basketball, but daily fantasy baseball is a different animal all together. This books provides all the information you need to start playing including lineup creation strategies, game selection strategies, game types and much more for the beginner. Then it moves on to provide more in-depth information including match-up research, utilization of Vegas lines and odds, team creation theories and answers many questions from the hobby player to the expert level players.

If you play or plan on playing daily fantasy baseball, then this book will be an invaluable resource to aid in you becoming a more consistent winner. Baseball has its own set of variables which are not found in other sports so having an in-depth guide to the in's and out's specific to MLB will save you time, headaches, and most importantly Money!

This book, published by, is written by Chris Reilly who is the best selling author of "Daily Fantasy Strategies: Football Edition" and "Daily Fantasy Basketball: The Guide to Winning Consistently." Chris is the lead journalist and co-founder The Daily Roto.

"Daily Fantasy Baseball: From Beginner to Expert" will help you get started the right way in playing DFS baseball if you are a beginner and is advanced enough to help you win more consistently if you are already a seasoned DFS player.

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