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PDF What would you do with the Substance of God, a constantly regenerating, "self-cloning" material originating from Creation? The Substance can bring the dead back to life, but has a willful "mind" of its own. Dr. Leonard Miller, a gay bio-researcher secretly addicted to "kinky" sex, learned this after he was found mysteriously murdered in his laboratory while working alone on the Substance. Once brought back to life, Miller must find out who infiltrated his lab to kill him, how long will he have to live again—and, exactly, where does life end and any Hereafter begin?

Miller's story takes him from the underground sex scenes of New York to the steamy all-male baths of Istanbul. It will deal with the longing for God in a techno-driven world; with the deep, persistent attractions of religious fundamentalism; and with the fundamentals of "outsider" sexuality, as both spiritual ritual and cosmic release. And Miller, the unbelieving, hard-core scientist, will be driven himself to ask one more question: Is our often-censored urge towards sex and our great, undeniable urge towards a union with God. . .the same urge?

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