Tony Scott - Ict Activities for Pe. PDF

PDF This CD-ROM and supporting photocopiable booklet are designed to make it easier for teachers to use ICT effectively in PE lessons at Key Stages 3 and 4. As well as enhancing teaching and learning in PE, the pack supports the National Curriculum requirements for ICT. The booklet includes: teacher's notes to help you make the most of the CD-ROM; printed resources plus guidance on curriculum links; and copies of worksheets contained on the CD-ROM for quick reference or photocopying. The CD-ROM provides a bank of activities and resources including: spreadsheets to record and process health and fitness scores; planning a tournament; analyzing performances; and links to useful Web sites. Once you have bought this pack you may upgrade your licence to a 10-user licence including five free CD-ROMs (0-435-50035-X) or a whole-site licence including five free CD-ROMs (0-435-50034-1).

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