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PDF I was afraid that this book badly aged. The history is very marked by the period70th. The hour was with the women's liberation. The woman got cleara patriarchal structure for recover freedom.
It's a Young german couple who live in France. No problem of money or sex. She translates book in german. He travels a lot for his work.
She puts her fur coat to go to seek him at the airport. They return home. She announces to him that he must go away. She does not leave him for someone, solely to discovered herself, and not to be with the image of that people wanted to see her.
It is an initiatory account of the difficult training to freedom. She will translate Flaubert as she wanted it.

Why this book takes a particular resonance now. The women'slib was an obviousness at this time. But I note certain facts: refusal of painless childbirth, rigorous clothes to prevent remarkā€¦

I think we have regressed.

This book don't aged.

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