Margaret Agard - Nursing Communication Skills - An Essential Tool. PDF

This ebook was specially written to help the nurse
whether experienced or new, make communication as easy and effective as possible, it is written by a Registered Nurse with more than three decades of experience.
Whether a nurse works in the ICU, ER, PACU, Maternity Unit, OR, or Surgical floor, good communication skills are an essential tool.
It is presented in bold, colorful illustrations and clinical
scenarios that make learning easy and enjoyable.
Illness can be very challenging for patient and family.
The treatment and healing process however, should be
remembered as one that can be cherished after leaving
the hospital, if the staff makes the attempt to have
good communication and treat the patient well.
Empathy, compassion, consideration and kind words are just a few of the ways good communication can go a long way.
Topics include:
- Helpful hints to improve your communication skills
- How to communicate with patient, family and coworkers
- Effective ways to calm patient and family anxiety
- Effective communication with doctor and patient when allergic reaction
- Communication during a Code Blue and in the ER
- The nursing process (ADPIE)
- Nonverbal communication
- Use of the Pain Scale
- Dealing with patient on mechanical ventilation
- The stroke patient
- Poor communication skills
- How to engender patient confidence
- Dealing with distraught family
- Preparing yourself to be an effective communicator
- Winning with good communication

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