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PDF The same team that created The Beatles: 365 Days turns to that other most famous of England's rock 'n' roll exports-the Rolling Stones. Bursting with photographs-more than half of them rarely or never seen-and filled with detailed, informative captions by journalist Simon Wells as well as quotes from the band's members and their famous friends, The Rolling Stones: 365 Days follows the Stones from their explosion on the English scene in 1963 to their status as living legends today. The band's offstage and backstage antics, iconic performances (including Hyde Park, Altamont, and the Ed Sullivan Show), their many girlfriends and wives, infamous brushes with the law, and more are all represented here.

While the Stones may have sung "You can't always get what you want," their fans most definitely will with The Rolling Stones: 365 Days.

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