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PDF Recycling seems to be the name of the game for author Joe Harris and the rest of those behind this Season 10 continuation of The X-Files series.As a long-running fan of the series, I had truly high hopes for this comic-book revival, especially since the series published back in the 90s by the now-defunct Topps was outstanding in every respect, from the stories to the artwork. Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be said for this latest batch of X-Files comics.It would seem that the notion of new, original stories and characters is not something they’d ever intended.

As I said, recycling is their modus operandi as they gone seem to have gone out of their way to come up with an extraordinarily farfetched idea for resurrecting EVERY single plotline—and not to mention EVERY character from the series that’s been killed off in the course of the series.Either IDW was contractually obligated to squeeze every supporting character and classic story arc into this 25-issue series OR they don’t seem to realize that’s possible to create good present-day stories with Mulder and Scully without rehashing old ideas and long-dead characters.Sure, the characters resurrected in these issues—Cancer Man, the Lone Gunmen, Krycek, Mr. X—were exceptional and helped make the series what it was back in its heyday.However, there’s a reason that Chris Carter & Co. thought it best to kill off those characters.Bringing them back in the wholly outlandish ways, as seen in these new stories, not only reduces the impact of their deaths but serves as an injustice to their memory.Moreover, as amazing as some of the show’s story concepts were back then—like the Black Oil, the Flukeworm, or even the alien abductions at Skyland Mountain—seeing them rehashed here did absolutely nothing for me.

I applaud IDW’s efforts to keep The X-Files alive after all these years, and while this comic is okay and on its own, it’s merely passing over the same concepts and same stale plots that the TV series and feature films did. For those X-Philes that’ve been craving more Mulder & Scully, this is a decent enough book, I would recommend only if you don’t mind seeing some of your favorite plots and characters beaten into the proverbial ground. However, for those that thought these buried characters and past concepts had outstayed their welcome and were getting tired of the old alien conspiracy mythology, I would suggest giving this volume a wide birth.

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