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PDF The content of this book is known to cause pleasurable reaction including but not limited to spontaneous wetness in women and hardness in men.
This story contains shockingly hot explicit and sexually charged scenes.
It just isn’t your mother's erotica.

I scream, as every muscle in my body tenses for the climax. Come on, come on! With that I am through, and collapse on top of you on the desk. Then there is a knock on the door, and the voice of the pretty assistant from outside is asking “Sir are you ok? Do you need something? Can I help?”

I think for a moment and then call out to the voice “Yes, I do need your help. Come in, Jane.”

Jane sways in and immediately surveys and comprehends the situation, as she is out of her conservative, but very chic business jacket, and unbuttoning the silk blouse that is keeping her very large, firm tits from view. Her next motion is to unzip her skirt, which she steps out of without missing a step. As she approaches the desk now dressed only in a black lace bra, black-to-the-thigh nylons and black high heels you look up to realize just how beautiful this woman really is.

She finally reaches the desk, standing on the opposite side that I am on. I straighten up to receive a long wet kiss from this Amazon woman. She then reaches down and with her index finger under your chin, lifts your lips even with hers and administers a full open mouth kiss to you. Your tongues dart back and forth. She takes your tongue fully into her mouth and sucks it down as if to swallow it. I feel you go limp as you give into the moment.

She releases your tongue, and you turn over on the desk, wrapping your legs around my waist for support. She crawls on top of the desk and begins the foreplay that will bring you again to orgasm – a deep open mouth kiss, licks, kisses and playful bites on your nipples, which brings them once again to attention.

This is too much for me to watch without participating, so I slide my cock deep into the opening you presented to me by wrapping your long legs around me.

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