Anara Guard - What If There Is a Fire?. PDF

PDF This book is excellent! Now this book is more specific on fire safety and the do's and dont's on how to deal with a fire. It not only instructs on what to do in school but at home as well. The book went into detail about calling 911, methods of touching doors before opening them and even what to do when a friend is playing with a match. There are even small facts, tips and quizzes to better inform the reader on the importance of fire safety. Excellent read for children learning fire safety!

A learning experience would be having the children demonstrate different safety techniques and procedures of fire safety. Stop, drop and roll, crawling low to the floor when there is thick smoke and touching doors to identify if there is a fire behind or not. This learning experience will help the child know what to do if a fire is present not only in school but at home.

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