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PDF It's the end of the world:
Closing the eyes, opening them; open eyes or shut: always that and he before it. . . . Gavillet before Gavillet and then there will be no more Gavillet. A brow, two eyes, a nose: and then no brow, no nose, nor any eyes; — something that thinks and feels behind that brow, then nothing feeling or thinking. One goes toward death through fear of death. It is so incomprehensible! That's how man is made. Man, a man: this nothing which is everything, then is nothing at all. He sees that he is going to be no more, and he is so afraid of being no more, that he thinks: 'Rather not to be anymore!' That's how men are made. They go toward death through fear of death, they flee from it the wrong way. Thinking to escape it, they go to meet it; they are attracted by the void itself, as in the mountains before a precipice, when the step you make to escape leads you to it, and the fear of falling is really what makes you fall.

Something that feels which will feel no more. Something that thinks which will think no more.

Gavillet opens the dresser drawer: he takes out his revolver.

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