Trisha Malcolm - Family Circle Easy Afghans. PDF

PDF Some perfectly appalling designs here, and a couple of really nice ones - fairly par for the course with Family Circle, all photographed in a static manner, not very prettily but adequately. Instructions very clearly and concisely described, and the couple of designs I particularly liked were very nice indeed. Shows an unfortunate liking for a truly peculiar variant of mitered squares, though, and I certainly hope anyone coming upon that technique for the first time here doesn't give up on that design element - it's one of my favorites. There are better books out there for that technique, have a look at my "knit-crochet" shelf - I recently reviewed a book called "Domino knitting" that very nicely describes a much better style of working mitered squares.

The kitschy designs aside, this is a nice elementary book with a couple of really nice patterns. Good old Family Circle, they never completely let you down!

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