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PDF Corporate Entrepreneurship provides a thorough review of the literature on this topic and presents a model based on this literature. Corporate entrepreneurship (CE) is increasingly being recognized as a legitimate path to high levels of organizational performance. CE has been promoted in organizations for many reasons including as a growth strategy, to increase profitability, for strategic renewal, innovation, international success, and to develop competitive advantage. Despite the potential positive effects of CE, the theoretical and empirical knowledge about CE and the entrepreneurial behavior on which it is based require greater attention. While there is a broadly held belief in the need for and value of entrepreneurial action on the part of established organizations, much remains to be revealed about how CE strategy is enacted in organizational settings. Corporate Entrepreneurship presents a model of CE based on the extant literature and research. It reviews the empirical and conceptual research that substantiates the many components of the model and describes a corporate entrepreneurship strategy based on that model.

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