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PDF TWO TERRIFYING TALES! Who said the dead tell no tales and no one has ever seen the wind?

"THE LAST EXIT," In the fall of 2007, Jill Thornton crossed a time barrier and became involved with a 51-year old murder that took place before she was born ... It wasn't just a cold case - the murder was frozen in time - a teacher had been bludgeoned to death on school property. No suspects were found and no charges were ever filed. It had been her first day as a member of the faculty and also the first day of the 1956-1957 school year. And all these years later, once in awhile, rumors were still tossed around as to why someone would've wanted Miss Causenhower dead, and what was the motive for making her suffer before she died ...

"LOOKING FOR TIMMY," My brother, Billy, and I hadn't a notion that our misbehavior would trigger a horrifying nightmare for the folks in the small rural area where our grandparents lived ... it was a wide place in the road that some said was a stone's throw to nowhere ... the residents were haunted by the young boy who went missing from the area in 1945, and ten years later, we were a big part of the reason they were once again looking for Timmy ...

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