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PDF Look for Michelle Herman‘s newest book, Like A Song, on shelves (and electronica) March 9, 2015. Also forthcoming: the "guide to life" she wrote by request for her (then eight-year-old) daughter, Grace, who has turned out very well (the book does not, however, come with a guarantee).

While you wait for A Girl's Guide to Life and Like A Song, there are two collections of essays you can read (Like A Song is the third - so far - in a set of essay collections). The Middle of Everything (2005) looks at motherhood and daughterhood, friendship, growing up and aging, and - of course - love. Stories We Tell Ourselves (2013), longlisted for the 2014 PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay, is about the unconscious in everyday life - for example, dreams. Or Freudian slips. Or - really - everything we do, see, hear, and say.

Or read Michelle Herman's fiction: her first novel Missing (which won the Hadassah/Harold Ribalow Award in 1991 for best Jewish book of the year), her 2005 short novel Dog, and the collection of novellas A New and Glorious Life (1998).

Like A Song is like a collection of songs - essays about singing, friendship, family, home (and more . . . there's some musical theater history and criticism, a singing lesson or two, memoirs of 1960s and 1970s Brooklyn, and a look at the brain science of singing).

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Michelle has lived for many years in Columbus, Ohio, where she directs the MFA Program in Creative Writing and lives in a century-old house with her husband, the painter Glen Holland, and their good dog, Molly. Their daughter used to live there too, but she is all grown up now.

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