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PDF A fantastic tale of a Moose.

Clawed by a bear just after birth, Broose the Moose had a nasty scare on his right cheek. He looked tough because of that scar, but other Moose made fun of him. So he was mostly alone and wandered through the woods. But his mother told him to stay away from the humans.

He wandered around until he saw a boy limping along but happy hopping around. Broose watches him and mimicked him by hopping around as well.

The boy stopped what he was doing, hearing Broose hopping along. Then he greeted him and told him that his name was Bruce and that no one wanted to play with him because of his lame leg. Surprised, Broose the Moose told him his name. They both had the same name, but different writing. They found each other and played around until Broose had to go home.

Janice Spina, the author of that fantastic story, wrote at the end. I quote it here, because that it’s all about. Acceptance, friendship.

“It doesn’t matter who or what you are, we all have feelings and we should be kind and always keep other’s feelings in mind".

Great Story with moral lessons, Great drawings as well.

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