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Poor Lord Thomas.He is a man barely out of his teens who’s father is killed.He must now step into the role of Lord of the Manor, whether he wants to or not.When the king sends Knights to guard him, he is rightly suspicious.If he were to die, the lands and riches would revert to the Crown.Sir Henry is implacable that the knights will stay and will not harm him.The whole thing is forced upon Lord Thomas.He is a virgin, betrothed to a girl (not yet 16) who he’s never met, his father is gone and there are strange men in his home.One of whom, Sir Henry, brings up feelings he doesn’t want to have.

For his part Sir Henry is calm, collected and thinks Lord Thomas is hot.There is one part that threw me out a little.Lord Thomas is about to take a bath and Henry spies a “brief glimpse of bare flesh through the crack” of the door and this makes him stop.Yet, as Sir Henry watches, Thomas takes off his jacket then shirt, his hair tie, his trousers and his boots.What bare flesh did Henry see?Silly niggle on my part, but I did notice it.

Thomas is just adorable, as he begins to trust Henry.He worries about finding a wife after his betrothed dies, because what if he can’t do “it”? He believes he is flawed, or ill.Poor lamb.

This is not a case of insta-love at first sight, which I appreciated.It’s warm and sweet with a historical tang.Henry is big, brash and lovely to Thomas.I would love to know what happens to them, as there are many obstacles in their path.Recommended.

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