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PDF Jack Land and Clara Nolan are asked to look into the appearance of people's “duplicates” who often commit revolting crimes—like the President's double, seen beating a kid to death in a parking lot, or Blake Blaine, the Hollywood sociopath de jour, who was apparently seen innocently hanging out in a dozen different places when he murdered his dog.

While Jack hunts the escaped Drs. Vogt and Ichi, Clara goes on a movie shoot in the desert with Wanda Paloma and Blake Blaine where she vanishes. As Jack crosses the continent to find her, the Metamorph malware turns the internet to hash, fouling global communication, and making “truth” a laughable concept.

Included is the incident of “the Clara Nolan uppercut.”

72,000 words.


Orson Scott Card, Hugo and Nebula winner: "[Wayne Wightman is] ...one of the names I['ve] learned to look for.... He...is a romantic whose stories confess his belief that individuals can be larger than life, that their decisions can change the world around them."

John Brunner, the legend himself: "Wayne Wightman is agreeable company, both in person and via the printed page. As to the former, I'm afraid you will have to wait the chance to make his acquaintance.... As to the latter, however, now's your chance."

Richard Paul Russo, Philip K. Dick Award winner: "One of Wightman's great strengths is his willingness to go to the edge. He pulls no punches, whether the story is serious or violent or manic. You can count on him to take you places other writers shy away from."

Elinor Mavor, editor of Amazing Stories, says of Metamind: "The concept of the impossibly complex and bizarre consequences... is delightfully evil. I'm sure lots of our... 'rulers' in Washington would snap up Hibbing's nasty invention in a heartbeat... and I would imagine they, too, would then have their minds even further scrambled."

Best Story of the Year 2011 awarded to Wayne Wightman's "Brutal Interlude" by Orson Scott Card's online magazine The Intergalactic Medicine Show.

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