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PDF I absolutely loved this book! I really like the Little House series and thought I would venture into biographies of Laura to see how 'true' the series were... or also just to get to know her a littlebetter.This book is small devotionals (which I really appreciated) which if you don't have time to read a lot then just pick the book up and read one and a half to three pages at a time and you get the full effect of what Laura is telling you. In each 'chapter' it includes a favorite Bible verse that goes along with what Laura is explaining. Almost like sitting in a Sunday school room with her, or better yet sitting in her living room and just being her best friend. These devotionals cover everything from treating your neighbor correctly to a few chapters on the government (which to me in my early 40's was interesting because it was right after WWI she speaks of.)She speaks some of Almonzo which she refers to as 'man of the house' and things that sometimes affect him as well. Just over all I loved this book... a great inspirational book, devotion book, or just a really good book to realize how Laura Ingallas Wilder really was.

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