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PDF "We young artists are like young sailors; unless we encounter rough seas and are buffeted by the winds, we'll not become real sailors. There is no mercy for us, everyone has to go through a period of worry and struggle if he wants to go into deep water. First we catch a few fish or none at all, but we get to know the ropes and learn to steer our boats which is surely of great importance. And after a while we'll have a marvellous catch, and big ones!" - Stuart Sutcliffe

This special edition book celebrates the life and work of Stuart Sutcliffe, the legendary fifth member of The Beatles and renowned artist. Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his death, it discusses and affirms his lasting significance and relevance.

In Conversation with Stuart Sutcliffe consists of numerous images of Stuart's work "in conversation" with a number of today's brightest artistic talent; pondering and discussing artistic, critical, sociological, poetic and personal responses to Stuart's life and work.

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