Lisa Shea - Black Cat Vols. 1-10 - The Salem Massachusetts Mini Mysteries. PDF

PDF Kathy Taylor had weathered eight rough years as a black female police officer in Boston - but enough was enough. She turned in her badge, moved up north, and set up shop as a private investigator in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Now she's surrounded by wiccans and herbalists, by crystal shops and psychic pizza-deliverymen.

And her first client has just stepped in the door.

Black Cat Vols. 1-10 contains the first ten short stories in the Salem Massachusetts Mini Mysteries series. These books are: The Lucky Cat, The Mistake, The Knot, The Accident, The Statue, The Onyx Pig, The Yogini, The Play Date, The Dancers, and The Dog. This compilation of short stories totals 30,000 words. The short stories in this series are being written and loaded one a day from October 1 through October 31, 2014. All author's proceeds from this series benefit battered women's shelters.

Lisa has lived in scenic Massachusetts since 1986, with only two brief forays out of state. One of Lisa’s ancestors was Ann Foster, who died during the Salem Witch Trials. Ann Foster was a grandmother by that time and sacrificed herself to protect her daughter and granddaughter. Ann had been born in England, came over in 1635, and was 75 by the time of the trials. Salem reached its dark depths during those trials from 1692-1693 - but since then has healed, blossomed, and shines. It now features the amazing Peabody Essex Museum, a plethora of gorgeous historic architecture, and a beautiful coastline. It's well worth a visit. If you can't go in person, take a virtual trip through Lisa's first-hand descriptions!

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