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PDF I liked this book very much.Hecht does a wonderful job of combining mythology and popular culture with wit, intelligence, and creativity to to envision how future readers might interpret our current world.

Hecht has an original,interesting voice.And she's willing to experiment and take risks — an admirable quality.Risks sometimes fail, however.And some experiments are disasters.

The one poem that I absolutely would not have included in this collection were it mine or were I Hecht's editor is the four page poem, entitled
"No, I Would Not Leave You If You Suddenly Found God."Although, the poem evidences certain skill and has some wonderful lines, it basically comes off as a self-indulgent anti-rant — a list poem with each line beiginging with the word "praise".I goes on and on and on with such uninspired lines as "praise bravery" or "praise glory."Although some of these less than poetic lines are amusing...four pages of them is far too many.This poem was a major part of my giving the book a four star rather than a five star raiting.My reaction was "Praise the fact Hecht FINALLY stopped praising!"

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