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PDF In a way, this book was kind of irritating.While the concept is cool (take the 100 greatest scientific discoveries/inventions, and discuss both the paths that led to them, as well as what they lead onto), the format leaves a LOT to be desired.

First, each item gets maybe 2-3 pages, with lots of room for brightly colored pictures, some of which bear no obvious relation to the subject. So, for some of the more complex interactions, the reader is left with way more questions than they started with. Which could be cool, IF the reader were reading the book in front of a computer connected to wikipedia 24/7.I was not.

Secondly, and in NO way is this a slight on the author, the 100 chosen topics were not MY 100 most important discoveries, by a long shot. Some may have lead to really important things, but others were overshadowed by their descendants, which then receive only nominal mentions. However, included in the back of the book are another 100 which didn't quite make the cut, and most of my selections were there, at least showing that they had been considered before being dropped, which is better than nothing, i suppose...

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