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PDF It is traditional for First Nation’s people to give thanks, and acknowledge our relationship, to the plants, animals, birds and creatures from the water, to show respect for their giving their spirits in order for others to survive. These recipes have been shared by various elders encountered by Wisdomkeeper in his travels both Native and non-Native.

Traditionally elders say prayers to commemorate this sacrifice at a feast gathering. During these gatherings the people share their recipes and often demonstrate the preparation and cooking of food. Elders would pass on ancient food gathering and preparation guides to the younger members of the tribe. Because of this tradition of passing on the wisdom of the tribe from generation to generation, First Nation’s people became increasingly skilled in the art of drying and preparing foods, herbs and berries with each passing generation. The Medicine men and women of the tribes were gifted healers trained by generations of ancestors in the art of using the gifts of Mother Earth to heal the people of their tribes. The following recipes, shared with me by Grandmothers from many generations are

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