Lori Michelle - Dark Eclipse #35 - The Dark Moon Digest e-Monthly. PDF

PDF Issue Number 35 of Dark Moon Digest includes The Anglers (a short story by Samantha Combs), Did I Hear Them . . . (a poem by Peter Adam Salomon), The End of an Imagination (a column by Manny Frishberg), Caging Melissa (flash fiction by HJ Taylor), An Alien in an Alien Land (a short story by Wendy Beach, Book Review of Gone Girl, (reviewed by Kurt Reichenbaugh), Death and the Woman (a classic short story by Gertrude Atherton), Thirst (a poem by Anna Cheung), The Bleeding Man (a short story by Gitte Christensen), Sinister Dealings: A Review of The Quiet Ones and Oculus (a column by Nicholas Paschall), The People (a poem by Kyle Trujillo), Bits of the Dead (a column by Jay Wilburn) and The Obits (a short story by Gerry Griffiths).

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