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PDF The book was a little too dry and academic for my tastes. This is not surprising being that it resulted from the author's post-graduate work, and it reads pretty much like you would expect knowing that. It seems like a shame, because Marcus Garvey was a colorful, vibrant character, and the book does not match him in that way.

The author does not spend a lot of time creating context or giving information on people who are not Garvey, so names come and go and can be easily confused. The book comes most alive in the last two chapters detailing his conflicts with the NAACP and WEB DuBois, and his dealings with white supremacists. This is partly due to the liveliness of the material, but there is also more background information for other characters here, and that helps things come alive.

The information is nonetheless good, and it is important in that a critical academic look at Garvey's efforts was needed. It is too easy to write the man off as a joke, which is completely unfair, but he did have real shortcomings and the book gives a balanced look at that.

There may not be a great on Garvey out there yet, so this is something, but I am not sure I can recommend it unless you are already deeply interested in the subject matter.

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