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PDF The Bible can seem daunting for students ages 8 to 13. This student-friendly resource makes the Bible easier to understand and study and it does so in an engaging way. This is a perfect companion resource to the "NLT Kids Bible." Features: A year-long Bible-reading plan that lists Bible stories with an application question to put each reading in context (for example: "Genesis 1:1 2:3: How It All Started: Why do human beings have value and worth?") "Where to find it" index helps readers find Bible stories by topic A chapter dedicated to each book of the Bible with a "Snapshot" (overview of the book), "Statistics" (background information about the purpose, author, audience, date, setting, people, and special features of the book), "Itinerary" (narrated outline of each Bible book), "Notebook" (major themes in each book, with questions so students can probe into those themes), and "Postcard" (an application about how that book of the Bible impacts kids' lives)

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