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PDF Prolific, National Bestselling Author John A. Andrews hails from the Islands of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and resides in Hollywood, California. John is best known as the author of the novel Rude Buay ... The Unstoppable. Other titles include: Spread Some Love (Relationships 101), The 5 steps to changing Your Life, Dare To Make a Difference (Success 101)For Teens and How I Wrote 8 Books in One Year. Other works include When the Dust Settles - A True Hollywood Story, Total Commitment - The Mindset of Champions and "Quotes" Unlimited.

Andrews, referred to as the man with "the golden voice" is a sought after speaker on "Success" targeting young adults.

John is also the screenwriter and producer of the docu-drama "Spread Some Love (Relationships 101) and the upcoming film "Rude Buay." See Imdb: &

Book releases for 2011 include "Rude Buay" and "Whose Woman Was She?"

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