Tadatoshi Fujimaki - 黒子のバスケ [Kuroko no Basuke] 15 (Kuroko's Basketball, #15). PDF

PDF Everytime Fujimaki reminds the reader about Kiyoshi's leg, I just crumble. I want the team to win so badly!

In this volume you get it all!! I mean this volume was long (thank god because I don't want to wait!). You get to see Kuroko's true trump card: Misdirection Overload, Aomine's true form, "The Zone" and MANY MORE!

This volume really reminded me of Bleach because just as you think the match can't get better, someone releases a new skill. It was like wave summation in muscle contraction!!

There were scenes where I just get overwhelmed by the action! Wow!!! Gosh! I need air.

I seriously love Seirin; they are just so perfect. They are all my babies!


"At that moment, what Kagami felt was no longer frustration or defeat. It was a pure feeling of respect. Because Aomine had reached the pinnacle as a basketball player."

"I wonder since when, I started yawning as I left my home for a match. I wonder since when I stopped feeling anything even when we won. The person who can win against me is me alone. But all I wanted was an opponent that I could go all out against. I've always wished for a tight game in which you couldn't tell if you'd win or lose...I am grateful to you Tetsu." ~ Aomine Daiki

"Zone, focusing on your movements without having any unnecessary thoughts, an extremely focused state that goes beyond a normal concentration. Although it can bring out everything that the player possess, it's a phenomenon that eve an top athlete can only come across accidentally. Only ones that have accumulated practice after practice is allowed to stand in front of that door. But even still, it will only open on a whim. It's the ultimate territory where only the chosen may enter. However, Aomine's natural talent laughs at such thing and forces the door open."

"I told you. Your light is too dim." ~ Aomine Daiki

"I can't let it go just yet...the ace who's shouldering everyone's hopes will never lose...! Because I believe in Kagami-kun." ~ Tetsuya Kuroko

"I'm sick of seeing my teammates cry...!!" ~ Taiga Kagami

Notes while reading
SHIIIITTT! WOOOOOWWW SEIRIN!!!! Kuroko's true trump card!!! Misdirection overload!! Seriously, Kuroko, you BAMF!!! OMGGGG!!!! THIS IS HEART BREAKING!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF ALL!! THIS IS ALL OR NOTHING!!! It totally reminds me of Bleach.

Triple team!!! HELL YEAH!!

Folks, we get to see Aomine's true form!!! :O And yes, it is awesome!

I love Seirin! Everyone is perfect! They are all my babies!

What everyone is doing for the team, for this match is just...AHHHHH!!

If you read the volume, what Kuroko did at the end...iloveyou.

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