Jay L. DeVore - Probability And Statistics For Engineering And The Sciences. PDF

PDF Although the Fourth Edition made significant strides towards the incorporation of computer output and the use of computer-based methods, this has been even further strengthened in the Fifth Edition. In this book, a wealth of exercises are provided throughout each section, designed to reinforce learning and the logical comprehension of topics. The use of real data is incorporated much more extensively than in any other book on the market. Consist of strong coverage of computer-based methods, especially in the coverage of analysis of variance and regression. This text stresses mastery of methods most often used in medical research, with specific reference to actual medical literature and actual medical research. The approach minimizes mathematical formulation, yet gives complete explanations of all important concepts. Every new concept is systematically developed through completely worked-out examples from current medical research problems. Computer output is used to illustrate concepts when appropriate.

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