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PDF Kissed by Starlight is a magical tale of a faery Prince released from a centuries-old spell by an innocent, young woman's tears. This particular young woman is unfortunate enough to have a heart too generous and pure for those around her. Fate has cast her a cruel roll of the dice in this life, but maybe destiny has intervened with some magic of its own? Although love is only a long-forgotten dream, in the world of the Fae anything is possible, even the unexpected twist of fate of one of their very own.

Although the premise of this story was interesting enough to draw my attention and induce me to purchase and read the book, it failed on many levels to keep me entertained enough to finish it within my usual 2-3 day time period. It actually took me well over a week to finish, and this rarely happens. The story started out very slow and continued with a turtle's pace throughout 3/4 of the book. It wasn't until this point that the pace picked-up, and I was actually able to continue reading without literally finding my eyes closing within the first 20 minutes of my evening read. This slow, bland description also applies to much of the relationship between the hero and heroine in the first 3/4 of the book. I mean, it is a romance for heaven's sake! I just need more than a HEA fairy tale with the wicked stepmother, the handsome and untouchable prince, and a martyred Cinderella. That's all a shell, and this shell was missing its pearl.:-(

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