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PDF Microsoft's user research shows that 97% of Office users (of which there are more than 20 million on the current version) consider themselves "frequent" or "regular" users of Word.With 200 pages of additional coverage in this edition, we can cover much more of the intermediate features that the typical business user will want including more coverage of:
— Saving time and being more efficient using macros and templates
— Making better use of graphics in business documents
— Designing better business documents that more effectively communicate information

Additionally, there will be additional coverage showing:
— How to make good use of new functionality such as nested tables for better table layout
— Easier to follow lists with multilevel numbered and bulleted lists
— Easier to use formatting with themes.

There will be strong coverage of the web features. Word's strong HTML and XML file format makes Word an easy to use and familiar editor for basic web pages. The web based collaboration features that will be covered will show readers what a powerful tool this is for collaborating with a small workgroup or in small business setting.

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