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PDF This is a story of life in a tiny coal town in West Virginia, caught in the backwash of what passes for civilization.The characters are real; they represent life and human behavior everywhere, but here they play out their story against a backdrop of poverty, ignorance, hypocrisy, and ingrained intolerance.It's a story of hope triumphing over hopelessness and despair.Much more than a love story or an adventure, EAST FORK is a powerful, often funny, and extremely moving saga of the struggle for personal redemption.Finally, EAST FORK is an uplifting celebration of the human spirit and the true meaning of love, loyalty and friendship.

Author Biography: John Cook was born and raised in the coal fields of southern West Virginia.He attended the University of Delaware and Boston University.His experiences in Vietnam are graphically captured in The Advisor:The Phoenix Program in Vietnam (Bantam; Schiffer).Other books include DUST OFF (Bantam) and Armor at Fulda Gap (Avon).Mr. Cook spent twenty years in the Army and now spends his time writing, teaching and serving as a consultant to the US Army."East Fork is very real to me," he says."I know every one of these people.I grew up with them, got drunk with them, cried and laughed with them.Their story deserves to be told as much as any story in America.These people are America, deeply woven into the national fabric."

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