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PDF .".". this text takes a novel approach... The style... is not asdry as other statistics texts, and so should not be intimidatingeven to a relative newcomer to the subject... The layout is easy tonavigate, there are chapter aims, summaries and "key pointboxes" throughout."" -The Pharmaceutical Journal, 2008 This text is a clear, accessible introduction to the keystatistical techniques employed for the analysis of data withinthis subject area. Written in a concise and logical manner, thebook explains why statistics are necessary and discusses the issuesthat experimentalists need to consider. The reader is carefullytaken through the whole process, from planning an experiment tointerpreting the results, avoiding unnecessary calculationmethodology. The most commonly used statistical methods aredescribed in terms of their purpose, when they should be used andwhat they mean once they have been performed.

Numerous examples are provided throughout the text, all within apharmaceutical context, with key points highlighted in summaryboxes to aid student understanding.

"Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences"takes a new and innovative approach to statistics with an informalstyle that will appeal to the reader who finds statistics achallenge!

This book is an invaluable introduction to statistics for anyscience student. It is an essential text for students takingbiomedical or pharmaceutical-based science degrees and also auseful guide for researchers.

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