Stephen Ashley - The Punishment of American Slaves. PDF

PDF The Punishment of American Slaves.

True Stories of American Slavery.

By Various.

Recollections of American ex-slaves and their memories of whippings and punishments.

"Your overseer carried their straps with them. They had 'em with 'em all the time. Just like them white folks do down to the County Farm. Used to use a man just like he was a beast. They'd make him lay down on the ground and whip him. They'd had to shoot me down. That is the reason I tend to my business. If he wouldn't lay down they'd call for help and strap him down and stretch him out. Put one man on one arm and another on the other. They'd pull his clothes down and whip the blood out of him. Them people didn't care what they done since they didn't do right.
Campbell Armstrong, Ex-Slave, 802 Schiller Street, Little Rock, Arkansas
Age: 86 at time of interview

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