Erica Wolf - GARDENING Without Bee's - Water - Sunshine - Using GMO Seeds - Pesticides - Radiation (Political Responsibility Series Book 7). PDF

PDF So, you want to try gardening without bee's?

Well, if that is your dream then you have come to the right place!

Not only will we discuss gardening without bees, but also without clean water, clean soil, and of course gardening with GMO seeds!

Have you ever asked yourself; what the "New World Order" might look like once it becomes the norm rather than the exception?

Are you beginning to get the picture of just how the New World Order being perpetrated by the Psycho-Gender's among us might actually work once fully implemented?

Have you noticed the propaganda related to the latest Weaponized Virus, the Ebola Virus where the state of Connecticut has just instituted Medical Martial Law?

Have you wondered why Connecticut decided to institute Martial Law within their state?

Have you wondered why our government has allowed so many people that were exposed to Ebola, from places like Liberia where the Ebola Virus is running rampant, without being isolated, interned, or committed to medical facilities?

Have you wondered why are all of these Ebola Infected people are being allowed to enter the U.S. in the first place?

Does it now appear that the power's in control want all of us American's to be exposed to this Ebola Virus!

Then again, how many millions of dollars do you think treating this Ebola Virus will produce for the Drug Cartel and their fellow medical perpetrators!

Have you noticed that so far our world is filled with continual threats of terrorism accompanied by accelerated loss of rights and liberties?

Have you noticed how our police are becoming more and more militarized and involved in episodes hurting civilians for no apparent reason?

Have you noticed more threats of weoponized viruses like the Ebola virus being turned loose on unsuspecting populations?

Have you noticed more and more surveillance cameras on ever street intersection to watch every move we make?

Have you noticed the continual and unnecessary creation of more and more restrictions on our freedoms and travel, accompanied by more harassment at our airports and train stations?

Have you noticed more and more global warming accompanied by more and more climate disasters that we all need to contend with daily?

So, you want to try gardening without bee's, well perhaps you have noticed that it is now TIME TO WAKE UP!

Clearly, 2016 is the time for a whole new approach to politics and elections where we all on the same page and realize that The Only Way We Can Win is to WRITE-IN and WIN!

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