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PDF I suppose that I don't come across anthologies very often.I received this book as a gift on the basis that it was of authors from Georgia.Overall, I thought that it was a good collection of authors, varying in quality and worth the read if you are interested in... well, authors from Georgia.

Most of the stories, however well-written, weren't especially insightful or had a lot to say.I found that it was more about a variance in style.Most stories had to do with being dirt poor and living in the middle of BFE.A few of the stories stood out, in particular the first author listed, Andrew Borders.I read the first two stories of his and was very much impressed.Unfortunately, there are no bios listed for the authors and I can't find any more information on him online.

It was an easy read and a good read.Many of the stories were thoroughly depressing but were well-done.

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