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PDF What difference does it make to think about the economy in geographical terms? The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography illustrates the significance of thinking the 'economy' and the 'economic' geographically. It identifies significant stages in the discipline's development, and focuses on the key themes and ideas that inform present thinking in economic geography. Organised in sections with multiple chapters, The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography is a complete overview of the discipline that critically assesses:

Location, the quantitative revolution, the "new economic geography"

Geographies of globalization - making sense of globalization and its consequences; the geography of capitalism

Geographies of scale and place: local and global, space and place

Geographies of nature: agriculture; sustainable development; the political ecology and the social construction of nature

Geographies of uneven development: economic decline; technology; money and finance

Geographies of consumption and services: formal and informal spaces of consumption; the culture industries; performance

Geographies of regulation and governance: neo-liberalism, regulation, welfare

Placing the discipline in vivid historical and contemporary context, The SAGE Handbook of Economic Geography is a timely, essential work for postgraduates, researchers and academics in economic geography.

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