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I suppose Tolkien-works were my first fandom, and in the very early internet days, when I was about 14, I spent an inordinate amount of time trawling the archives and efforts of worldwide Tolkien societies, who, like all established fandoms, had leapt to take advantage of - indeed, to develop - the internet's capacity for connecting those with mutual adoration of just about anything.

This is an old-style pre-internet work of love, with that pleasing touch of academia that Tolkien fandom so often has around it, with essays both critical and gleeful sat alongside a few select pieces of fanfic, a selection of recipes, and a crossword puzzle, amongst other things. The gems are the short biography of Tolkien's life, and the wonderful illustrations, but the whole thing is indeed a treasury, not just of Tolkien's legacy, but of one of the richest and most enduring fandoms.

Also, the part about how on earth one might film Lord of the Rings is, these days, particularly wonderful to read, in which real world locations are suggested, and Greta Garbo is considered the only real option for the part of Galadriel. Wonderful.

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